The best thing from Sydney's Northern Beaches since the Manly Sea Eagles.

Akin Atelier has spent 10 years developing bassike's physical identity across 10 retail stores, mutliple department store concession sites, 1 head office, as well as artistic participation in the bassike 10-year project in 2016.

The bassike philosophy centers on high-end design & construction with a commitment to sustainability. Our approach to store design communicates these values.

Materiality simultaneously creates cohesion and distinction across bassike stores. A focus on natural textures and recycled timber is utilised at each bassike site while soft materials vary from store to store. Found objects complete each space, including vintage mid-century furniture to reflect bassike's commitment to sustainability without sacrificing high-end design.

bassike 10 year project

Hand-shaped Danish rose marble sphere, brass base. 2016.
Diametre 200mm.

The sphere is made by hand, so although it appears perfect, when you hold it you can feel the slight variations and imperfections of the shape, giving a sense of its organic origins.