Google Tiltbrush w/ Semi-Permanent

Experiential & existential.

Akin Atelier director, Kelvin Ho, was invited to join a suite of artists at Semi Permanent 2017 to demonstrate their craft using the google tiltbrush. Using the Google Tiltbrush, Ho built a virtual reality within an 18th century glasshouse for an audience, extending their understanding of the possibilities of VR. The build was captured in a VR film and can be viewed below.

"From a physical point of view – typically you would draw from your wrist, elbow or shoulder as they are the principles of drawing or painting, but what the google tiltbrush opened up was a physical pivot point and using your entire body axis as a tool. We discovered the more you use it, the more you are essentially using your body as a compass or as a straight line or pivot point – you can’t do that when you’re drawing something flat". - KELVIN HO.

Tips for the best viewing experience in Google Cardboard:

1. Download the latest YouTube App.

2. Tap on the share arrow on the top right of the video, then tap on the 3 dots.

3. The YouTube App will open. Pause the video. Then tap Cardboard icon and the video will switch to landscape and a split screen format.

4. Tap the ‘Gear’ icon and then tap ‘Headset’ and follow the instructions on screen to scan the QR code located on the bottom of your Semi Permanent Google Cardboard headset.

5. Place your smartphone into your headset, align the centre line on the video screen with the centre of the headset.

6. With the headset over your eyes, navigate to the play button and tap the button on the top of the headset to play the video.

* You can also view in 360 degrees without a headset on a desktop, by clicking and dragging with your mouse, or using the YouTube app for mobile by finger swiping or physically moving your device around.