Queens Hotel

Queen Victoria Hotel, all the hallmarks of your local pub with the added bonus of a Chinese restaurant.

The Enmore pub has been transformed into an eclectic destination, with eatery Queen Chow on the ground floor courtyard beside the open kitchen, and The Smelly Goat cocktail bar upstairs both showcasing individual design personalities — complete with a lush outdoor terrace.

The Smelly Goat upstairs bar features rough murals, fabric lined walls, classic marble rounds and deep red leather chairs craft an intimate, salon feel which seamlessly aligns with the heritage of the building. Adjoining is an airy terrace overgrown with plants & grapevines to feel more like a greenhouse than an inner-west terrace.

The ground floor features all the hallmarks of a great Australian pub; dark timbers, dimly lit corners, brass fittings and muted green leather bench seats, with the added bonus of a Chinese restaurant.