Squander and Glory

Watch the dirt & rubble clear, and there are little speckles of gold.

Squander and Glory explores the excess space and shapes between movement. The ballet, by Tim Harbour, draws inspiration from French philosopher Georges Bataille’s theories on consumption and ­energy dissipation as studied in 'The Accursed Share'.

Akin Atelier's founding director, Kelvin Ho, designed the set for Squander & Glory - his second for The Australian Ballet. The set is anchored by a multifaceted form - angular and omnipresent. The sculpted piece sits behind a mirrored cloth, essentially multiplying the dancers in front of it.

Shifts in lighting transform the sculpture from intense ochre to a calm blue before vanishing with the house lights on to reflect the audience, offering viewers a moment to experience the perspective of the dancers.

Squander and Glory premiered at The Australian Ballet's 2017 triple bill, Faster.